The Dogs of Steel is a small show/breeding kennel in Vermont.  Our dogs are our pets that we show and occasionally breed.  We strive to produce healthy, even-tempered dogs who meet their breed standards. 


We show our dogs in both AKC and UKC.  This is a fun hobby that helps us be sure our dogs conforming to their breed standards.  Our dogs have done well in the ring.  We have a number of Grand Champions and Champions in both AKC and UKC.  We are very proud of these accomplishments as it takes a lot of hard work to earn these titles. We also have dogs that compete in other dog activities.


We health test and use that testing to make responsible breeding choices.  No one can guarantee a dog will never have a health problem but a breeder that health tests can decrease the chances of some genetic health issues.  The most important test in our breed is PLL testing.  Primary Lens Luxation or PLL is a genetic disease that affects many of the terrier breeds. There is a now a genetic test that tells what a dog's PLL status is. Dogs can be clear, carrier, or affected.  

 If a breeder does no other testing they should know their dogs PLL status. If they do not know it, try to find a breeder that does or ask that they do the testing to ensure you are not buying an affected dog.  We test all our breeding dogs and we test all litters that come out of at clear to carrier breeding.  Buyers will know their puppies PLL status. The test tells you if the dog is a clear, carrier or affected.  As with everything, there is much debate on if you should use carriers. We do breed clears to carriers. To remove all the carriers from our breed at this time will decrease the genetics in our breed which could result in other health issues in the future.  


The Dogs of Steel   

AKC/UKC Standard Rat Terriers

They will steal your heart.