These are a few links to things we find interesting and educational.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) the largest registry of purposely bred dogs. They have many different dog sports available.  It is best known for their Westminster Dog show. Anyone willing to learn and train their dog can show them. In AKC you can also hire someone to show them for you. 

Nice site with a lot of information on raising puppies.

The United Kennel Club is the second largest club that has shows and dog sports. Many people love the laid back atmosphere and the friendlies of the other cometitors. Many people get their start here.There are no professionals allowed and someone is always ready to give you hand and teach you the ropes. 

Here at The Dogs of Steel we follow a minimal vaccine schedule.  We prefer to vaccinate only if the reward out weighs the risk. 

This page is a wealth of information on the stages that puppies go through. Knowing what to expect and what you should be doing during the first year of the pups life can make a huge difference in their temperaments. 

We do not believe in early spay or neuter. Waiting until maturity lowers the risk of joint issues and may have other health benefits. This of course is contingent on if you are able to prevent unplanned breedings. 


Rat Terriers excel at many dogs sports. There are many Rat Terriers who are very competitive in obedience, agility, flyball, barn hunt and many more activities. A busy, tired dog is a good dog. 

The Dogs of Steel   

AKC/UKC Standard Rat Terriers

They will steal your heart.